October 21, 2009


Only October and already feeling the chill of my first winter in 4 years. Charlie plans on spending her entire first winter here...

October 19, 2009


Had a late night date with mis amiga lizita on Saturday night, wasted away the day in Seattle awaiting her brief midnight layover.

Started the day in stereotypical seattle fashion...
Stopped off in the industrial district at 24 Karat Antiques, very cool place.
Almost came home with these.
Next stop was at Earthwise, recycled building supplies.
Found some cool lamps I thought would be cool in our bathroom, but wouldn't be the same as picking them together. Darn separation, can't function without him.
Wandered around on the waterfront till it got dark and spooky.
Found the rare non-Starbucks coffee shop to hid out in till midnight.
Headed out to meet her and had to plan my route with a drive by.
Had an amazing time with Liz, but apparently had too much fun cause I didn't even remember to get a picture. This will have to do until next time.

Miss you already!

October 16, 2009


I adore goodwill. I love everything about it. The good, the bad, and the very very weird. 99.9% of the stuff there is complete garbage, but the search is the best part. When you find something you absolutely love, it's even better when you go through a bit of an adventure to find it.
Todays search was no exception. Here are some of the various things I discovered on my path to todays little treasure.
This little lady doesn't mind a good search for cutlery. And then there was this.

Soooooo not even joking...
What every home needs, an obgyn exam table. No, I'm sorry, two obgyn exam tables. Never know when you might need a spare. Had to post this for Liz, so tag you're it! Beat that find.

Okay, okay. What made today's hunt worth it...
Now I need an equally cool one from Hawaii, the U.P. and perhaps SD. Been searching for a few cool ones ever since I saw them used in this room.

October 07, 2009


Can't wait for the military to ship our stuff to our new house. The full transition won't be complete until Evan finally moves in my unwanted visitor. His deer head. You heard me. Feeling a bit more than hesitant. Just so happens A Life More Fabulous, a blog I've been into lately, did a post on antler decor. Her findings...

Her sources were:LivingEtc, JacquesGrangeviaHabituallyChic, Domino, JosePicano, Domino}

October 06, 2009


Considering where I could pull off some wallpaper in the new house.
Maybe not...
Maybe not...