November 30, 2009


Taking a quick break from...
(thanks Liz)
to discover Lisa Mitchell...

November 23, 2009


A few months ago I was searching through the portland people on etsy and found this girl.
Design Sponge featured some cool lamps the other day with a familiar pattern.
Turns out they are made by a portland based lamp company, School House Electric. Maybe for the bedroom...

November 21, 2009


The beginning of operation de-yellow. Bathroom, laundry room and bedroom completed.
Taking a little break. Oh man, those polar bear pj's get me every time.Step one completed in the bathroom, but still a long way to go. Not to mention the rest of the house left to paint.

November 19, 2009


Not overly weather proof, but ruche keeps getting cuter and cuter. Helps that their photography looks like a magazine. I definitely need a dress for the next season of weddings.

November 15, 2009


Major case of the Sunday Blahs. Start to another work week, and another tear filled trip to the airport. Ellen to the rescue.

November 10, 2009


Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.

How bare are your branches.

Finally having our first christmas tree this year, but since we have never had room to have a tree, our ornament supplies are limited to my once a year hallmark collection from growing up.

Martha Stewart to the rescue. Crafty broad that Martha.

Cookie Cutters...
Seed packets for spring...
Other ideas here.

November 08, 2009


And so it begins...Yes, that's the color through the ENTIRE house. Some new options for Evan to look through...My colors look different in every room, even on every wall. Blast.Color inspired by this room...

November 07, 2009


Visited San Diego last weekend, probably my last before it gives me my hubby back. Felt a little nostalgic for the year we spent there together. Mostly nostalgic for the being together part. Visited all my favorite things; the beach, old town, a couple of old friends and of course in-n-out.Sometimes Evan has had enough of my incessant picture taking. Sometimes I've had enough of the Morris shirt, even on Halloween.

November 04, 2009


The hubby and I perused the drawer pull section at Anthropologie this weekend. Some very cute options, thinking a random mix would be cute for our bathroom redo.