October 19, 2009


Had a late night date with mis amiga lizita on Saturday night, wasted away the day in Seattle awaiting her brief midnight layover.

Started the day in stereotypical seattle fashion...
Stopped off in the industrial district at 24 Karat Antiques, very cool place.
Almost came home with these.
Next stop was at Earthwise, recycled building supplies.
Found some cool lamps I thought would be cool in our bathroom, but wouldn't be the same as picking them together. Darn separation, can't function without him.
Wandered around on the waterfront till it got dark and spooky.
Found the rare non-Starbucks coffee shop to hid out in till midnight.
Headed out to meet her and had to plan my route with a drive by.
Had an amazing time with Liz, but apparently had too much fun cause I didn't even remember to get a picture. This will have to do until next time.

Miss you already!