October 16, 2009


I adore goodwill. I love everything about it. The good, the bad, and the very very weird. 99.9% of the stuff there is complete garbage, but the search is the best part. When you find something you absolutely love, it's even better when you go through a bit of an adventure to find it.
Todays search was no exception. Here are some of the various things I discovered on my path to todays little treasure.
This little lady doesn't mind a good search for cutlery. And then there was this.

Soooooo not even joking...
What every home needs, an obgyn exam table. No, I'm sorry, two obgyn exam tables. Never know when you might need a spare. Had to post this for Liz, so tag you're it! Beat that find.

Okay, okay. What made today's hunt worth it...
Now I need an equally cool one from Hawaii, the U.P. and perhaps SD. Been searching for a few cool ones ever since I saw them used in this room.